Soft tissue manipulation is one of the oldest and most popular alternative treatment for chronic conditions such as back pain, muscular tension and stress. The variety of techniques will relax the central nervous system, lengthen the muscles, relieve tightness, spasms, pain and restrictions; increases range of motion, flexibility, posture and balance. This in turn helps prevent injury, improves performance and relaxes your nervous system, helping you relieve stress while promoting healing.

Massage provides a wide range of other important health benefits such as increasing circulation, strengthening your immune system, lower blood pressure, lower cortozol levels which in turn helps manage weight and decreases anxiety & depression. By positively affecting various systems in the body, it can dramatically improve general health as well as the person's overall sense of well-being.


I came to see Angela with chronic pain and soreness from working out. If your looking for deep tissue and pain relief you have come to the best. I felt great after she was done. I highly recommend her.

Craig L.

Angela was amazing and catered to all of my individual needs! Her massage was so relaxing, music was great and she was very sweet. I recommend her for sure!!

I am an aging athlete who has had many injuries over the years but I still get out there and train hard. At Contour Wellness, no matter how bad my body is banged up I leave feeling rejuvenated and relief. I can honestly say I have received the best massages of my life from Angela and she is always my first call when I am in pain. I even was having migraine headaches for over a week that I could not shake and after one session under her hands I was back to my normal self. I would recommend her for any level of massage. She is hands down the BEST!

Stacy Koski, Nutritionist

Angela is amazing! My first massage ever by her and I will definitely be scheduling more. She is friendly, caring and makes the experience relaxing and enjoyable. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Jennifer Miller

Simply the best !I have been going to Angela for around 3 years now .She’s amazing and really listens to what you want,I would recommend her to anyone!


This was the best massage I have ever had. All the sadness that was in me came out due to the excellent touch and deep muscle and fascia expertise that was executed . I am more than thrilled with this entire experience and am so grateful for the gift certificate that was given to me.


Kathleen Dodge Buhler

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