Each therapist will consult with you before beginning your treatment in order to cater the session to your specific needs and requests. With over 10 years of experience each, they are highly trained in many different types of massage techniques. 










Angela Fox, LMT 52274

Angela was raised in Florida from the young age of 4. She has always been involved in something active (dance, volleyball, gymnastics, running, boxing) and very much into health and nutrition. Taking those passions, she graduated massage school in 2007, became a certified health coach, and has the privilege of educating and inspiring people around the world to live happy, healthy and toxic-free lives with the Juice PlusTower Garden  / Young Living companies.

She understands that every person has unique challenges and preferences, and values educating the client about their body and careful listening to achieve the goals of each individual. She combines intuition and a diverse skill set and has worked within athletic, rehabilitation, and relaxation settings.

Angela specializes in Swedish/Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Pregnancy, Sports Massage, and Stretching (AIS)

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Shaunna Cox, LMT 

Shaunna moved to Florida from the great Salt Lake of Utah in 2011 and considers

herself very grateful to be able to bring the love of massage to Sarasota. A licensed

massage therapist and Certified Ashiatsu Therapist, Shaunna is a creative and

intuitive therapist who believes massage can do something for everyone. From

relieving the stress and tensions of everyday life, helping to heal new or previous

injuries, or helping to manage the symptoms of neuromuscular conditions, massage therapy can have a place in everyone's health care regime.

Shaunna has been practicing massage since 2006 and has worked in Ski resorts, high end Ritz Carlton Spa and now has her own practice. She is proficient in many modalities, Swedish, Deep tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stone massage , however her passion is Ashiatsu Bar therapy.   Shaunna is also one of the few Ashiatsu Therapists in the beautiful city of Sarasota. "I get paid to walk on people."

Ashiatsu is known to be a very deep massage and is ideal for athletes, large framed body types, deep tissue lovers and those with dense muscle tissue. AShiatsu uses gravitational force with compression's and gliding stroke, applied with the feet. Parallel bars attached to the ceiling are used for balance and proper weight distribution as Shaunna ice skates on your body. 

"Walking all over Sarasota, one body at a time." Shaunna Cox